iMAGINE on the Move
Mobile Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Learning Brought to YOU

What's iMAGINE on the Move?

In partnership with South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics and Science, S²TEM Centers SC, and Fluor’s Golf for Greenville, the iMAGINE on the Move van is bringing the festival experience to Upstate communities all year round. The van will be available starting fall of 2023 and will provide hands-on STEM experiences to students through school visits, afterschool programs, or at community events.

During a visit from the iMAGINE on the Move, participants can expect to be wowed by interactive learning experiences that spark the imagination and foster aspirations to pursue 21st century STEM careers.

Activities are pre-designed and aligned with appropriate grade-levels. They are customized to correspond with SC State Standards. All activities will be facilitated by an Education or Outreach Specialist. Thanks to Fluor’s Golf for Greenville, there are no costs associated with bringing the program to an informal learning environment or a school or district, during our pilot period. Requests will be accepted on an individual basis depending on the length of the engagement, choice of project/activities, location, and number of individuals served.

 The van is available to South Carolina schools, districts, and communities to provide hands-on STEM experiences. Customized visits, from one-day to one week might be available upon request. Submit a request and we will contact you!
 Each visit is customized to the school or event and anticipated age ranges. A staff member will help determine which activities are most suited to your request. *Note: All activities can be done without access to electricity.
Thanks to Fluor’s Golf for Greenville grant, there are no costs for requestors or participants during our pilot period.
iMAGINE on the Move is ready to work with K-12 students. Activities can also be adapted to work with adults.
iMAGINE on the Move can accommodate small and large events. Staff will come prepared to serve the anticipated crowds. Note: Activities should take no more than 30 minutes to complete, and participants can rotate out.

iMAGINE is a program of South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science (SCCMS) at Clemson University.

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