Exhibitor Responsibility

Exhibitors are responsible for hosting their own exhibit area, providing supplies, planning activities, and providing volunteers to instruct and facilitate participation from the audience. All exhibits are required to demonstrate and/or facilitate learning related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.


Exhibitors may not sell items or services at their booth without exception. Arts-related exhibits must also provide an explicit connection to one of the other four STEM areas. i.e. an exhibit demonstrating the importance of design in adaptive technologies would be appropriate. An exhibit showcasing visual artwork or performance art “for its own sake” would not be appropriate.

Exhibit Criteria

Exhibits will be considered for acceptance in the festival based on the following.

  1. Foster Interactive Learning
    • Provide an interactive, hands-on learning experience related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Please select one or more of the following categories that apply to your exhibit:
  2. Promote Innovation and Creativity
    • Are engaging, fun and showcase innovation and creativity, featuring new and exciting education and career opportunities. Preference will be given to up-and- coming innovations and technologies.
  3. Align with Age-Appropriate STEM Education Standards
    • Are designed for an appropriate age range to foster grade-level STEAM learning.
  4. Align with College and Career Pathways
    • Are designed and implemented to showcase specific college and career pathways by linking activity to “real-world” jobs and educational fields.
  5. Offer Education and Career Guidance
    • Offers volunteers the opportunity to interact with students and offer educational and career guidance as well as instruction on the activity itself.
  6. Organized and Scalable for Large Audience
    • Are well-organized and plans are described in detail, including set-up requirements and the ability to provide activities for all participants. Activities should be easy to replicate and cost-effective.

iMAGINE staff will contact exhibitors if changes to their activity are necessary.

iMAGINE is a program of South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science (SCCMS) at Clemson University.

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